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"EASTAI is a Big Family.

Wuxi EASTAI Machinery Company, Ltd. was established in 2006. Its scope of supply includes, but is not limited to, honed pipes, chrome plated rods (piston rods), induction chrome plated rods, non- honed cold drawn seamless pipes and hydraulic cylinders.

Chrome Plated Rod
Precision Tube
Hydraulic Cylinder


Technical Competence and Innovation

The company’s advanced and innovative capabilities in chrome plating technology.


Product quality

Emphasise the rigour of product quality control and demonstrate product durability, precision and consistency.


Production Capacity

Scale and capacity of production, modern production equipment, degree of automation of production lines and production efficiency.


Customer and Partner communications

Customer cases and information about partners, application of the company’s products in various industries and co-operation relations with well-known companies.


Investments in R&D

The company’s investment in R&D, including R&D teams, research projects and achievements, demonstrates the company’s commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement.


Service & Support

The company provides customer service and technical support such as after-sales service, customised solutions and technical consultancy.

Existing Approval/Servicing of Large Customers

In China, we cooperate with large enterprises such as Hengli and some small and medium-sized private enterprises.

Overseas, our markets are located all over the world, and our main customers are concentrated in Russia, Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, South America and other countries.



Middle East


Southeast Asia


South America


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Our Advantages

EASTAI has advanced production workshops: pipe processing workshop and chrome bar processing workshop, which can produce nearly 750 tonnes of products per month. At the same time, they maintain close co-operation relationships with steel mills such as Day and TEPCO to ensure the quality of raw materials. Their logistics services are also very good, with professional freight forwarders to ensure that each shipment can arrive at the port on schedule.

High-Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

We use superior raw materials combined with advanced production techniques, ensuring our products are durable and reliable. This commitment to quality is crucial for B2B clients, particularly in sectors where product performance is critically evaluated.

Professional Technical Support and Service

We offer expert technical support and top-notch customer service. This involves assisting clients with technical challenges and providing guidance and training on product applications, thereby enhancing product value and delivering additional benefits to our clients.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

Our highly efficient production and logistics systems guarantee swift deliveries and responsive customer service. Promptness and reliability in fulfilling orders are key to maintaining client satisfaction and fostering enduring partnerships.

Customized Solutions

Our offerings include products and services customized to meet unique customer requirements. We adapt specifications and functionalities to suit various industrial applications, catering to a wide range of client needs.
"A win-win can create a lot of value."
Jeff Luan

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