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Piston rod outer diameter detection

4140 Hard Chrome Bar

As a leading manufacturer and supplier, EASTAI has proudly specialized in the production and distribution of 4140 hard chrome plated bars for over 15 years. With a steadfast commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, our team is dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of our clients. For any inquiries or to discuss your specific requirements, please feel free to contact us at jeff@east-ai.cn . Our responsive team guarantees to provide you with a comprehensive solution within one working day.

Material: 4140, 42CrMo, 42Crmo4, SCM440, SAE4130 (25CrMo4), SAE4340 (36CrNiMo4)

Diameter: Φ 6-500mm

Length: Max 20 meters

Chrome Layer: Minimum 20/25/30/50 Micron or customized

Hardness of the Chrome Layer: 850 HV (minimum) – 1150 HV

Roughness: Ra <= 0.4

Straightness: <= 0.5/1000

Diameter Tolerance: ISO f7/f8/f9/h8/h9 or as requested

Roundness: Half of the tolerance of ISO f7

Heat Treatment Types:

  1. Normal (no heat treatment)
  2. Q+T (Quenched + Tempered)
  3. Induction Hardened

Chrome plated bar/ Hard chrome rod/Induction hardened chrome bar

Delivery condition

Hard Chrome Piston Rod

Quenched & Tempered (Q+T) Rod

Induction Hardened Rod

Q+T Induction Hardened Rod

Corrosion resistance:

Test in natural salt spray according to ASTM B 117-96 hours.

1045 Chrome Plated Rods

Advantages Of Our 4140 Hard Chrome Bars

  • We meticulously manufacture precision material parts in strict adherence to customer-provided drawings, packaging specifications, and quality requirements.
  • We achieve tolerances as tight as +/-0.01mm, ensuring high precision in every component.
  • Our quality assurance is backed by the industry’s most advanced inspection tools to guarantee unparalleled quality.
  • Our team comprises highly experienced engineers and skilled workers, dedicated to excellence in every project.
  • We pride ourselves on fast and timely delivery, ensuring that every order is fulfilled promptly and professionally.
  • We offer expert guidance during the design process, providing valuable suggestions to optimize costs without compromising quality.

Our main business range is listed as follows

Carbon Seamless Steel pipe/tube

Hydraulic cylinder tube(Honed tube)

Hard chrome plated rod/bar/shaft(Piston rod)

Hydraulic cylinder

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Email: jeff@east-ai.cn

Tel & WhatsApp & Wechat  : +86 18306172624

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