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Scissor Hoist Hydraulic Cylinder

As a reputable manufacturer and supplier of telescopic hydraulic cylinders, EASTAI Hydraulic has been dedicated to supplying and exporting high-quality hydraulic cylinders from China for over 15 years. If you have any inquiries or encounter any issues, please don’t hesitate to contact us by emailing jeff@east-ai.cn. We assure you that we will respond promptly within one working day.



ROD: Constructed from steel, induction hardened to 45 ~ 50 Rockwell C, and chrome-plated 0.001” thick for a final surface hardness of 69 ~ 71 Rockwell C. Complies with ASTM B117-07a salt spray testing for 96 hours.

PISTON: Made of durable steel for increased longevity.

TUBE: Crafted from steel, honed, and precision-finished.

CONSTRUCTION: Heavy-duty welded construction ensures robustness.

GLAND: Threaded for secure assembly.

PORTS: Standard SAE#6 ports.

SEALS: Utilizes top-quality seals for optimal performance.

PAINT: Coated with high-quality paint providing corrosion resistance for up to 360 hours.



Email: jeff@east-ai.cn

Tel:+86 18306172624

Contact: Jeff

Stroke: 50mm—16000mm

Inside Cylinder Tube Dia: 40 – 1000 mm (1.5 – 40 inch)

Liner material: Copper (prolongs the life cycle of the cylinder)

Hydraulic cylinder tube material: Carbon steel, Alloy steel, Stainless steel

Piston Rod Dia: 12 – 500 mm (1/2 – 20 inch) Hydraulic Piston Rod should be hard chrome plated to a minimum thickness of 35-55 microns and polished to 0.15 um Ra

Chrome Plated: Cr, Ni, or Ceramic

Design Pressure: Max 700 bar (10150 PSI)

Valves: SUN (USA), or a reputable Chinese brand with the same quality as PARKER

Seals Type: PARKER (USA), MERKEL (Germany), or NOK (Japan)

Liner material: Copper (prolongs the life cycle of the cylinder)

Bearings: LONGXI (China) or SKF

Painting: Follow customer requirements or 3-coat marine painting

Application: Shipbuilding, offshore oil & gas engineering, Photovoltaic & wind power, construction machinery (excavator, loader, crane, snowplow, sanitation vehicle), agricultural machinery, hydraulic engineering, heavy machinery

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