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Hydraulic Cylinder Honed Tube

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Honed tubes are essential components in the creation or refurbishment of hydraulic cylinders, crafted from cold-drawn seamless steel tubes. Through processes like ID honing or SRB (Skinning and Rolling) machining, these tubes achieve precise internal diameter (ID) tolerances and a smooth, bright surface finish, essential for the efficient operation of hydraulic cylinders.

EASTAI, as a premier manufacturer, offers a wide array of cylinder tubes in various dimensions and lengths to suit diverse requirements. The quality of these honed tubes is critical, as it impacts the overall quality, safety, and reliability of the hydraulic cylinders they are used in.

EASTAI’s manufacturing processes are in strict accordance with ISO9001 standards, ensuring that every stage, from raw material selection to the finished product, adheres to high-quality standards and policies. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that each honed tube meets the stringent production and quality control measures.

The tubes conform to several quality standards, including DIN 2391, EN10305, and ASTM A519, covering precision seamless steel tubes and cold-drawn tubes for precision applications. Available materials include ST52.3, E355, STKM13C, C20, CK45, 4140, 42CrMo, SUS304, and SUS316, among others, offering a variety of choices to meet specific application needs.

These honed tubes come in a broad ID range of 40-450mm, with tolerances of H7, H8, H9, and can be supplied in lengths ranging from 5 to 14 meters, either arbitrary or fixed, depending on the requirement. They feature a straightness of ≤0.5/1000 and an inner diameter roughness of 0.2-0.4um. To protect against rust, they are coated with anti-rust oil and sealed with a plastic cap.

For those looking to order honed tubes, EASTAI boasts an impressive annual production capacity of 20,000 tons and maintains a large stock of commonly requested sizes for rapid delivery within 15 days. With extensive experience in the overseas market, EASTAI understands the demands of various markets well and positions itself as a reliable partner for its customers.

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