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On July 12, 2023, the CEO of EASTAI, along with Sales Manager Youn Shi and the Purchasing Manager of Honing Tubes, gathered for a group photo, marking a moment of collaboration and partnership.

jeff's referral clients

After closing a deal with Jeff’s client, they recommended their friends to collaborate with EASTAI, resulting in a successful partnership, captured in a shared photograph.

Youn Shi's Omani clients

In June 2023, Sales Executive Youn Shi and Jeff secured a repeat order in Oman, reinforcing strong client relationships through a successful in-person meeting.

January's Sales Champion - Winni

Winni’s Indian customer came to the factory office to learn about the contract and signed a letter of intent for US$2,000.

Russian Customers

Julia’s Russian client visited for discussions on potential collaboration, engaging in fruitful talks about partnership opportunities.

Customer Factory Inspection

Turkish customers visit the company to inspect the company’s size, production process, and the quality of the products.

Negotiation with customers

Sales Manager Julia adeptly steered negotiations, creating an amicable atmosphere for future collaboration. Both parties concluded the discussion with a clear intention to move forward together.

We believe that these group photos are not only photos, but also the best testimony to the quality of our factory.The close co-operation and satisfactory results between us and our customers are our greatest pride.We look forward to establishing an equally successful co-operation relationship with you and providing you with excellent chrome rods and precision honing tube products.

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