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Chrome Plated Rod

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Our company EASTAI provides comprehensive chrome rod manufacturing services, allowing the use of various materials to produce high-precision and complex components.

Manufacturing of chrome rods to order

We customize chrome rods according to customer needs to ensure each component meets the requirements of high precision and sophisticated design.

Full production capabilities

We have a complete set of production facilities to produce high precision and complex chrome rods to meet the needs of various industries.

EASTAI - Professional Chrome Rod

Made in China Factory

We are an industry leading chrome rod manufacturer specializing in producing high quality chrome rods for a variety of applications and projects. We offer a wide range of custom processes including precision grinding, polishing, linear machining and custom cutting. Our professional team can customize chrome rod processing rods according to customer needs to ensure they meet any specific specifications and application requirements.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced manufacturing equipment, including specialized grinding and polishing equipment. Our equipment and technology ensures high precision and superior surface quality of chrome rods that meet the most stringent industry standards.

In addition, we have invested in the latest testing and quality control technologies to ensure the highest quality in every chrome rod. Whether it be hydraulic systems, automated equipment or other industrial applications, our chrome rods provide superior performance and reliability.

If you need high quality custom chrome rods, EASTAI is your preferred manufacturer! We not only provide high quality products, but also provide customers with professional technical support and excellent customer service. Choose EASTAI to ensure the success and efficiency of your project.

Customize Any Chrome Rod for Your Project

With our manufacturing services, EASTAI is fully capable of producing high quality customized chrome rods. We can manufacture according to your specific requirements for design, size, surface treatment, diameter and length. Our engineers can customize your chrome rod order with the following services and processes:

In addition to this, EASTAI also specializes in providing custom chrome rod assembly, polishing, drilling and other precision machining services to ensure that each chrome rod meets the highest quality standards.

Process of Processing Chrome Rods

Selection of Raw Materials

The raw materials for chrome rods are mainly high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, which have excellent mechanical and processing properties. Before production, the raw materials undergo strict quality control to ensure there are no defects.

Machining and Molding

Precision Cutting: Use laser cutting or other precision cutting methods to cut raw materials to the required length.

Turning and Grinding: Use CNC lathes and grinders to shape bars to the required dimensions and tolerances.

Surface Treatment

Polishing: The block is mechanically polished to remove any rough surface areas and provide a smooth finish.

Chrome Plating: The rod is immersed in a chromium bath to be electroplated to form a hard, corrosion-resistant layer of chromium.

Heat treatment

Quenching and Tempering: Some types of chrome rods may require heat treatment, such as quenching and tempering, to increase their hardness and strength.

Final Inspection and Packaging

Once processing is complete, the product undergoes a final quality check to ensure it meets standards and is then properly packaged for shipment.

Customized Chrome Rods for Various Industries

EASTAI can produce any chrome rod for your application, just send us your drawings and you can get our best quote.


Transmission Machinery

Chrome rods are essential in the mechanical engineering field and are commonly used in key components such as precision guides and piston rods.


Auto Parts

In the automotive industry, chrome rods are used in the production of automobile shock absorbers, steering systems and other key components.



The construction industry uses the high strength and corrosion resistance of chrome rods, which are widely used in building load-bearing structures, lifting mechanisms, door and window components.

Why Eastai Is More Trusted



Our chrome rod production has brought many benefits to many industries, companies or projects. Below are the benefits of our service.

Affordable and Fast Production

By optimizing the production line and introducing automation technology, EASTAI chrome rods ensured fast production, reduced delivery times and remained cost competitive.

Excellent Strength to Weight Ratio

Featuring selected carbon or alloy steel materials combined with advanced processing technology, our chrome rods provide superior mechanical strength and durability while maintaining low weight.

Use Different Materials and Technologies

EASTAI not only uses traditional carbon and alloy steel in the production process of chrome rods, but also explores the use of other high-performance materials to meet the needs of specific applications.

Equipment and Tools for Processing Chrome Rods

EASTAI is equipped with a complete set of tools and equipment for processing chrome rods such as

Material You Can Choose for Chrome Rod

EASTAI uses various materials to process chrome rods. Our materials include high strength steel, stainless steel, alloy steel, carbon steel, copper or copper alloy, etc. Each material has its own unique characteristics and is suitable for different application scenarios. When selecting materials, it is necessary consider the product operating conditions, mechanical strength requirements, cost efficiency and processing technology. If you have special needs for materials or need to select materials for specific applications, please feel free to contact us. We can provide professional advice to help you choose the most suitable material.

Our Application for Processing Chrome Rods

EASTAI offers custom chrome plated rods and honed tubes for the manufacture of transmissions, hydraulic cylinders and parts

Chrome Rods

Precision Honed Pipes


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