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Standard Chrome Bar

Our Chrome Bar combines aesthetics with performance. Made from high-quality 1045 Carbon Steel and finished with standard chrome, it offers superior durability and resistance, ideal for demanding environments.

Product Description

The Standard Chrome Bar is a premium-grade product crafted from 1045 Carbon Steel, known for its high strength and durability. With a substantial diameter of 105 mm, this bar is coated in a sleek, standard chrome finish that not only enhances its resistance to corrosion but also adds a visually appealing aesthetic. It boasts a yield strength of 75,000 psi, making it exceptionally reliable for various industrial and engineering applications.

Chrome Plating Standard Chrome
Chrome Thickness 0.0005 in (0.0127mm) mimimum
Elongation 10%
Hardness of Chrome Plate Rc 68-72
Material 1045 Carbon Steel
Related Specifications ASTM A108
Rod Diameter 105mm
Stock Length 288 in
Straightness 0.006 in TIR per ft
Surface Finish Ra 12 max
Tolerances —0.003 in
Ultimate Tensile Strength 100,000 psi
Unit of Measure metric
Yield Strength (minimum) 75,000 psi

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