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Warehouse Truck Cylinders

Eastai Hydraulics Can Offer You

Product Description

  • Compact structure, can be installed in a small space;
  • Adopting high-strength materials, applying heat treatment and welding process to ensure the strength and life of the cylinder;
  • Adopting imported seals: NOK, TRELLEBORG, Hallite, Parker, etc. to ensure sealing performance and good interchangeability;
  • Surface treatment process can be provided upon request: dimensional chrome plating, laser cladding, QPQ, high-frequency quenching, blackening and so on;
  • Wide range of working temperature (-40℃~+120℃), and can customize wider range of cylinders according to customer requirements;
  • Accessories such as hydraulic locks, explosion-proof valves, oil pipes, valve blocks, etc. can be matched as required;
  • Design buffer structure, the cylinder runs more smoothly when lifting and lowering;
  • Installation interfaces are optional: metric, imperial, American, etc., to meet diversified needs;

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