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EASTAI Tube & Steel has established itself as a premier distributor of tubes, with over 15 years of experience. Our inventory boasts a wide range of precision turned, ground, and polished (TG&P) steel shafts, renowned for their ultra-fine tolerances, as precise as 0.0005 inches. We offer a comprehensive selection of diameters, from the minimal 0.197 inches (5 mm) to a substantial 9 inches, with standard lengths of 12 or 24 feet. Our collection encompasses both standard and metric sizes across various grades including 1045, 4140HT, 303 SS, and 316 SS. We are equipped to provide many sizes directly from our stock for immediate delivery, while also offering the flexibility to produce special sizes tailored to your specific needs. Our TG&P bar stock is of the highest quality, meeting or surpassing ASTM A108 standards. The precision shafts we provide are the epitome of accuracy, concentricity, straightness, and surface finish, setting the benchmark in commercial standards. These shafts are optimally sized for standard bearings, underscoring our commitment to quality and precision in all our products.


The process of creating Turned, Ground, and Polished (TG&P) shafting begins with either a hot-rolled or cold-drawn bar. This bar is then machined in a lathe, where material is carefully removed. The turning process continues until the steel bar is reduced to the desired size, often requiring multiple passes to achieve the precise dimensions needed. Initially, after being turned, the surface condition of the bar remains relatively rough, which could lead to uneven wear and operational issues. To address this, the bar is subsequently ground with a grinding wheel, removing a much finer layer of material to refine its dimensions. Once the bar reaches acceptable dimensions, it is polished using a polishing wheel. This polishing step achieves the smooth surface finish required, transforming the bar into a high-quality Turned, Ground & Polished (TG&P) shaft, known for its superior accuracy, concentricity, straightness, and exceptional surface finish.







Precision Tolerances

TG&P shafting is renowned for its exceptional tolerances, achieving precision as tight as +0/-.0005 inches in diameter. This level of accuracy ensures a high degree of consistency and reliability in use.

Time Efficiency

Opting for material that has already been turned, ground, and polished translates into substantial time savings for the end user. This efficiency allows businesses to allocate their resources and attention more effectively, enhancing productivity.

Unmatched Straightness

TG&P shafting is straightened to a meticulous standard of .001 inches per foot maximum, catering to applications that demand the highest level of precision and alignment.

Cost Savings

Investing in TG&P shafting can lead to significant financial benefits. It eliminates the need for the extensive equipment, labor, materials, and time that would otherwise be required for in-house production, offering a smarter, cost-effective solution.


Construction & Heavy Equipment

Essential components like piston rods, bolts, crankshafts, driveshafts, feed screws, and axles are critical in this sector, ensuring durability and reliability in demanding conditions.

Oil & Gas

This industry relies on precision parts such as gears, piston rods, and various shaft applications to maintain operational efficiency and safety in challenging environments.


In agriculture, components like piston rods, driveshafts, crankshafts, bolts, feed screws, and axles are vital for the robust machinery needed to meet the demands of farming and cultivation.


The energy sector, particularly renewable energy, benefits from specifically designed gears, wind turbine shafts, and stub shafts, which are key to generating sustainable power.


Infrastructure projects utilize rolls, journals, and bolts, which are foundational to constructing durable and long-lasting structures.

General Fabrication and Machining

This broad category encompasses gears, trunnion wheels, mandrels, sockets, and various applications requiring precision shafts, underscoring the versatility of TG&P shafting across manufacturing processes.

Fluid Handling

Pump shafts are crucial in fluid handling, ensuring the efficient and reliable movement of liquids across various systems.

Automotive & Transportation

The automotive and transportation industries depend on crankshafts, driveshafts, piston rods, wrist pins, stub shafts, axles, and torsion bars for vehicle performance and safety.


Machinery components such as arbors, journals, spindles, pins, and feed screws are indispensable for the precise and effective operation of various equipment.

Typical Manufacturing Undersize Variation Tolerances Available (TG&P Bar)
*NOTE* Other sizes available upon request
Size Range (Dia. in Inches).003″.002″.0015″.001″.0005″
1-1/2″ and Under  AvailableAvailableAvailable
Over 1-1/2″ to Under 2-1/2″ AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
2-1/2″ to 3″ Incl. AvailableAvailableAvailable 
Over 3″ to 4″ Incl.AvailableAvailableAvailable  
Over 4″ to 6″ Incl.AvailableAvailableAvailable  
Over 6″ to 8″ Incl.Available    

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